What is Neu Chatel? - NEU CHÂTEL
What is Neu Chatel?

Eternal Swiss technology

A company named after the Swiss town of Neu Chatel, a center of microtechnology and innovation, offers a new solution to protect your gadget – Neu Chatel. This is an ultra-reliable and almost invisible protective glass that is designed using advanced Gorilla Glass technology.

Gorilla Glass is an innovative technology that provides extraordinary strength and durability of the device screen. Thanks to the use of Gorilla Glass in Neu Chatel, your gadget will be protected from even the most severe shocks and scratches. The hardness of Gorilla Glass is 9.99H, which is close to the hardness of diamond. This means that no matter what the surface of your device encounters, the screen will remain intact.

Neu Chatel also has a number of additional advantages. Swiss technological glass design is combined with the best oleophobic coating and a modern shock absorbing system. This ensures the absence of fingerprints, repels dirt and protects against scratches and cracks. Thanks to special ultrasonic treatment and perfect corner processing, Neu Chatel provides 100% transparency and clarity, and its invisibility on the gadget screen allows you to preserve the original design of the device, merging with it as a single unit.

Thanks to Neu Chatel, you will enjoy the vivid colors of the original Super Retina screen. Its high level of transparency allows for lossless color reproduction.