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Best technologies to protect your screen
Premium Tempered Glass
The degree of glass tempering is 9.99H (10h diamond hardness), which make it resistant to scratches, no matter of what and how it is affected
Leaves speaker, camera and light sensor open
Rounded edges make it handy and perfectly fits 95% of all iPhone protective cases
3D Crystal Full CoverTechnology
Glass completely covers the front screen, and the black frame imitates the original design of the iPhone
Enjoy the original Super Retina display of your iPhone
The screen protection is so invisible that you might not even aware of its existenceIn the production process, the glass is cleaned several times with ultrasound, which guarantees a 100% clarity index.
Superior screen clarity
A water and oil resistant coating reduces grease and finger smudges to keep your screen looking crystal clear and feeling ultra-smooth
Speaker can be covered with an additional dust resistant mesh membrane
Soft Touch Nice glide on the surface
Oleophobic coating Protection against oily stains and prints
Apple Watch
Earn more by working on exclusive terms from manufacturer
We provide profitable conditions for products
You can easily get our products from around the world
We provide marketing support
We control the RRC, which makes possible to avoid dumping on the market
Everything you need for easy installation
To make the installation process simple and reliable, we included a specially selected set of tools
Protective film for the iPhone back panel
Protective film for the iPhone back panel
Set of reinstall dust-remove stickers
Professional alcohol wet wipe
Authorized retailers
Neu Chatel is the unity of modern technologies and the best materials in the manufacture of protective glass for the iPhone.We create a premium product with a quality guarantee for worldwide export.
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